Monday, April 2, 2012

An African sunset.

At Grace Bible Church.

Dr. Campo speaks on Exodus 18 at Sunninghill Campus of Grace Bible Church in Johannesburg.

Leader to leader.

The local tribal leader gives Dr. Campo a traditional Maasai "rungu" throwing club made from baobob wood.


Dr. John Mulford and President Campo at the "OgOpOgO Restaurant," opened by one of the entrepreneur's trained at the Business Development Center sponsored by Regent University.

Stategizing in Rwanda.

Drs. Campo and Mulford at a breakfast strategy session in Rwanda.

Rwanda's future entrepreneurs.

Current students and graduates from Regent-sponsored entrepreneurship training in Rwanda.

Class is in session... in Kenya.

Inside the Operation Blessing schoolhouse in a Maasai village in Kenya. Regent University has sponsored improvements to the structure to improve student learning.